P.A.W.S. Lee County Dog Adoption Application

Thank you for your interest in adopting a dog rescued by P.A.W.S. P.A.W.S. wants to make certain that every animal adopted goes to a loving home where it will be well cared for. Because of this, our application asks a number of detailed questions which are necessary for our screening process. All information given is kept confidential.

Name of pet you're applying for:_____________________________________Date:_______________

Name:____________________________________________ Phone #:_______________________

Address:_________________________________ City/St/Zip:______________________________

Type of residence: (please circle one)

House condo apartment mobile home dormitory other

Do you: own rent live w/ parents other

Do you have a fenced yard?__________________ Height & material:_______________________

Will dog live: indoors mostly outdoors mostly outdoors only not sure

Number and ages of children living, or regularly visiting household:______________________

Have you taught your children to respect animals?___________________________________

Are all members of your household in agreement about adopting a dog?____________________

Is anyone in your household nervouse or unsure around dogs?_____________________________

Who will be the primary caregiver?__________________________________________________

Who will be financially responsible for this pet?________________________________________

Do any members of your household have asthma or allergies to dogs/pet dander?____________

How many hours will this pet be left alone? ____ where will dog be when left alone?________

Any pets currently residing at home? ________________ How many?_____________________

List pets (breed and age):_________________________________________________________

Neutered?_________ UTD on vaccinations?____________ On Heartworm prevention?________

What Veterinary hospital do you use?_________________________________________________

May we call to verify vaccine/neuter/Heartworm status?_________________________________

Do you understand the importance of Heartworm prevention?___________________________

Are you aware that some dogs require weeks/months to adjust to their new home/environment/family/other pets?______________

Are you willing to accept this adjustment period?_______________________

Are you aware that a dog can sometimes be a 15-20 year commitment? ____________________

Can you afford food/supplies/Vet care/emergencies for the life of this dog?_________________

I prefer a dog who is: (circle all that apply) puppy adult senior active calm small medium large

Would you be opposed to a representative from P.A.W.S. doing a home visit after dog is adopted?_____

What would you do with this animal if your circumstances changed and you were unable to keep this pet any longer?___________________________________________________________________________